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5 elements

My Offer

is for all those:

  • who are in healing-, food- or educational professions
  • who want to eat more healthily and more consciously, but don't know where to begin
  • who are in particular conditions like pregnancy, examens, comebacks or new starts
  • who want to change something but not all of their eating habits
  • who suspect diets, forbidden and dogmatic things but also want to be healthy and active
  • who are young or old and fell unwell with allergies, skin problems, overweight, digestions problems, migraine and other headaches, high or low blood pressure
  • who are little and want to grow and who are big and want to take care on the little ones
  • who wants to change something but not all of there eating habits
  • who are just curious

I can make to following offer:

  • Consulting for individuals in consideration of constitution and outer conditions for completeing a food-therapy-plan.
  • Consulting for families: The daily business of a family, with a few different constitutions, ages and requirements can be accomodated by an adapted food regime for all.
  • Consulting for team environments:Through eating proper food it is possible to improve concentration, activity and the immune system and thus increase productivity.
  • Short lectures about favoured topics, for example headaches and migranes, skin diseases, sleeplessness, pregnancy, little children and so on, length ca. 1,5 hours
  • Introduction Course for TCM in which I explain the historical background, the basic principles and metamorphoses of the 5 elements. Also we do the basics of tongue- and face diagnostics and in the end every participant works out a therapy plan for one another.
  • Workshops:Cooking according to the 5 elements for beginners and advanced people with food education background and lots of new recipes.

For a complete overview about offers and prices, please download the catalog as PDF format, use the follow link: CatalogAndPrices.pdf